Monday, June 27, 2011

1/2 Marathon, Part 2

My first attempt at a half marathon didn't go as well as I had hoped.  It's almost time to start training for the second, hopefully much more successful, race.  With that in mind, I'm looking for motivation to keep me going when I want to hide the laces from my shoes.

Mr. 142 Marathons in a Row is going to be my first line of defense.  He finished his insanity in November of 2010.  The real question isn't "What kind of training did you do to get ready for this?" but "Have you found the gusto to run since?"

While I don't envision running even 1/142 of what he ran, I'll go for 1/284 of it (that would be a half marathon for you non-math majors).

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Mad Libs Eulogy to Leonard B. Stern

Leonard B. Stern, the creator of Mad Libs, died on Tuesday.  Though I wouldn't call them "award-winning" works of art or forerunners for any literary awards, who can forget these beloved children's past time creations?  And so, in honor of the silly, weird, bizarre, or just plain confusing stories children (and adults) can and have created, here's my eulogy to Mr. Stern.

Here lies    (noun)   .  He    (verb - past tense)    Mad Libs for    (noun - plural)    to enjoy.  But all the credit can't be given to him; his    (noun)   , Roger Price, helped him create such a/an    (adjective)    game for children and adults alike.  Next time you find yourself    (adjective)   , grab a    (noun)   , some paper, and a friend.  See what you can come up with!