Friday, November 5, 2010

Julie, Julia, Lisa

I just finished watching Julie & Julia. I know, I should be writing about what I read and not what I watch, but someone had to write the screenplay, and the movie was based on a book, and really, what good is having a Netflix subscription if you can't use it?

That being said, what a cute movie (and so related to this whole blogging thing). So here's my blog to blogging. I'm right there with you Amy Adams, is anyone even reading this? It's funny how writing to the invisible someone out there can help you find yourself, and lose yourself, and find yourself all over again. While I doubt this blog will lead to a book deal (especially since my books are children's books and not necessarily related to my blog), if anyone has a dear friend Avis, or any other literary guru, let me know!

But back to why I love the movie - I love how it emphasizes the journey and not the destination. It's those little moments where the characters are smearing chocolate cake all over their faces or dressing up like Julia Child at a birthday dinner. Those are the moments that matter in life; they're the ones we remember and make us who we are. So here's to smearing chocolate all over your face at your next dinner, birthday party, or dessert tasting! (A lesson, I find, that we're learning over and over again because we never seem to get it right.)

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