Sunday, January 2, 2011

Good Old-Fashioned Books

I love to read.  I teach elementary school.  I get lots of gift cards to bookstores.  Add these together and you get one happy Lisa.

But I'm old-fashioned in some senses, and while I think the idea behind e-readers is really cool, they will just never be for me.  There's something about the smell of a new book, the feel of turning the page, and seeing your bookmark move from steadily through the pages.  I love the look of hardback books, I love knowing words have been printed onto a page, and I love thinking about type-set letters being painstakingly put into place hundreds of years ago to create the magic that is a book.

Yes, it's true that e-readers save trees and that you can carry hundreds of books on one small piece of equipment that will save space in your tiny apartment or on your cross-country trek.  No matter, the cons far outway the pros for me.

I was at a friend's house last night.  She has story time before putting the kids to bed.  I sat there looking at her two young children flipping through books and pretending to read.  For me, this is one of the most precious things to see, and I just can't imagine the thrill of holding a book being the same using one of these.


  1. Lisa - My 2 1/2 year old daughter has learned how to turn the pages of my husband's I touch (he subscribes to Read me Stories and receives a free book each day) or my Nook Color and she still enjoys "paper books". Don't worry, the ereaders won't make paper books obsolete.

  2. So glad to hear that - thanks for sharing!