Sunday, August 22, 2010

Animal Cities?

I can't get the picture to copy so I can put it here, but check out the link to the CNN article:

Sudan is planning on building cities in the shapes of animals to attract attention to say the least. Interesting that this is going to cost a good bit of money for a war-torn area that happens to be incredibly poor and lacking many what we would call necessities. They're hoping these cities will be privately funded. (If you own a business, would you pay to help create it? I don't think I would unless it was in the shape of my company's logo.)

But I think the most important question in all of this is as follows: when flying over these cities, will you be able to tell that they're animals? Because, let's face it, the view from 35,000 miles up can get pretty monotonous. This would really spice things up a bit!

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