Thursday, August 19, 2010

Beautiful Souls

I got a letter in the mail today (I love getting mail that isn't junk mail, or worse - bills!). While I'd love to tell you all about what it said, I can't. I know, I know - what's the point in blogging about what you're reading if you're not going to share what you're reading? Bear with me though; while I can't tell you exactly what it said, I can tell you its impact.

I think it's absolutely amazing how a sad situation can bring out the beauty in one's soul. Sure, you expect your best friends, family, or religious leader to be amazing support through some difficult time. While it brings out their beauty, it's a beauty you already knew was there and one you knew you could count on throughout the situation. This isn't the beauty I'm talking about. It's the beauty in the souls you don't expect to see it from, the way God can work His way into a situation and make it beautiful beyond words, the way a wedding or birth of a baby brings out beauty, joy, and happy tears.

So as I read my mail tonight, I cried those happy tears. The letter inside my envelope was like the gift you never thought you'd get but wanted more than anything wrapped up under the tree on Christmas morning. It's the present you'd ask for every year, assuming it will never come, but not willing to give up the hope that one day it will be there waiting for you.

Sender of my letter, Merry Christmas and thank you for one of the best gifts ever!

Side note: While I hope I didn't offend anyone by talking about God in this, I can't help but see His hand at work in so many difficult things in life. There are just too many "coincidences" for me to look at it any other way.

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