Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Life, More Fun

This was the Facebook post made by a friend from high school:

If two year olds ran the world, we'd all be naked and running around with oatmeal in our hair 97% of the time.

Please know, I'm not encouraging the running of the world by two year olds, nor incredibly frequent nakedness, nor the oatmeal in the hair (though I did manage to get cream cheese in my hair this morning while eating breakfast - may need to drink coffee before eating breakfast from now on). However, I do think it would make life a good bit more fun and quite less stressful than it is now. Roads would be bumper to bumper with big wheels and those kiddy-sized motorized Jeeps. (This could make 94-mile commutes, like that of Crabby Commuter, a bit more entertaining.) We could wear footsie pjs instead of high heels all day long, and read books with pictures every day. Plus, it's more acceptable to throw food when you don't want to eat it and best of all, nap time could become a law!

Just something to think about as elections are coming up in November.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Lisa-B! I would totally drive a barbie jeep to work. That would be so fun!