Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Children's Book Picks for the Week

I don't want you to think I'm no longer reading.  Have no fear, the reading girl is here!

Here are this week's picks for recent fun children's books.

Fancy Nancy: I know, I know, how is it that I'm only just now reading this book?  Let's be real, I'm not a fancy girl.  Why would I be interested in reading about a girl who loves everything razzle-dazzle?  I don't even like to put concealer on in the morning.  But, slow and steady, I'm finishing the race and joining on the bandwagon.  The book is CUTE!  Nancy is adorable, and the pictures are the finishing touch to a great book.

Lizard Walinsky: While I'm not a dinosaur/lizard/reptile person, this book is more my style.  Lizard doesn't like to play with dolls - no dress-up, no pretend mommy-daughter play, no beauty shop.  (I didn't expect Lizard to be a girl from the cover.  There's your first surprise.)  And then you find out Lizard doesn't quite fit in because she's different from the other girls.  (I love you even more Lizard!)  No worries, Lizard finds friends who are perfect for her, though there are some bumps along the way.  This is definitely a book for the quirky child who may need some encouragement embracing what makes our differences special.

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